Supertrash stores remain open for now

Supertrash stores remain open for now

Bankrupt Supertrash will keep its stores open while the guardian looks for interested companies that would like to relaunch the chain. Supertrash has twelve stores in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Role for founder Gulsen

The guardian currently has no indication a relaunch is possible. “We have only just had the bankruptcy and we are currently looking at the company’s financials. We are examining the options and hope to have clarity as soon as possible”, it told AD.


The guardian also indicated that parent company Wayahead filed for bankruptcy, but not for every division, like the companies that focus on the employees and stores. Those could still file for bankruptcy if the guardian deems that necessary to create a healthy relaunch. Supertrash’ website is offline in any case.


Olcay Gulsen’s role in the bankruptcy also needs to be examined. “We always look at the cause of the bankruptcy, whether people let the company down. That is a standard procedure”, the guardian said. Gulsen stepped down last month as the company’s CEO and said then that there were no financial issues.