New owner, new future for Men At Work

New owner, new future for Men At Work
Foto: Men At Work

Dutch fashion chain Men At Work has found a new owner for its home market stores, as did the Belgian branch before. Victory & Dreams holding, which also owns Miller & Monroe and Witteveen Mode, acquires the bankrupt chain and promises the survival of at least ten stores.


Web shop to follow

Victory & Dreams has reached an agreement with the curator of the bankruptcy to keep at least ten stores open, the web shop should follow suit in October. “I have reached an agreement with the new owner concerning all the stocks, intellectual property and all existing contracts", says curator Evert Baart. The new owner wants to integrate Men At Work in his other chains: "We see opportunities to benefit from synergies", Philippe Hes says. Miller & Monroe has 72 stores, Witteveen Mode (which Victory & Dreams already saved last year) has 54 and Italian OVS-Kids has 3. 


The other stores will have to wait for the result of the negotiations with suppliers and landlords, a press statement says. Men At Work had 27 stores in the Netherlands prior to the bankruptcy, of which 19 are still active today. The three Belgian stores had already found a new owner last month