New logo for Zara

The fast fashion chain, part of the Spanish Inditex group, has revealed its new logo. Zara's elegant serif font is a bold move against the prevailing minimalist trend.


Mixed response

This is only the second time since 1975 that the brand has adjusted its logo. The current update is also more thorough than the previous one in 2010. The letters are taller and packed close together. The Z and the R now have a sinuous curl.

The new logo was designed by advertising agency Baron & Baron, led by French art director Fabien Baron. He is mostly known for his work on Interview Magazine, Harper's Bazaar and Madonna's well-known Sexbook from 1992. Reactions on social media and fashion blogs have been mixed. Observers are pointing out the similarities between Zara's new logo and the one used by Harper's Bazaar.

Quite a few fashion and luxury brands have been updating their logos for the past few months and years. Most have chosen for simplicity and minimalism, with sans serif fonts. Zara's move against this trend is remarkable.