Monki recycles mixed textiles into new clothing


Monki revealed a capsule collection made using Green Machine technology. The machine can fully separate cotton from polyester blends and recycle them on a large scale.



Most of the today’s clothing consists of a mix of different fibres, often cotton and polyester. Up to now, separating them was impossible, and fibres could not be recycled efficiently, environmentally friendly or on a large scale. That is why the H&M Foundation and HKRITA (Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel) developed the Green Machine. Thanks to a hydrothermal process, the machine separates the different fibres. The process is also circular: using but heat, water and five per cent biodegradable, environmentally friendly chemicals.


Monki is the first brand to develop a capsule collection with the Green Machine. The collection consists of a grey tracksuit including a hoodie and joggers. The items, decorated with an embroidered slogan saying "respect your mother (nature)", will exclusively be sold online from the end of this month. The brand plans to implement this production process on a larger scale by autumn next year.


"As a fashion brand, we want to do our share for a circular society. Monki enters this decade, which undoubtedly will be climate oriented, with an open mind and wants to be part of the solution. If we can stretch the lifespan of our products to their maximum and reduce the use of raw materials, it would be a big step in the right direction," says Jenny Fagerlin, Sustainability Director at Monki.