Mango invests 42 million in new headquarters


Spanish fashion chain Mango is building a new head office in Barcelona. The building must be fully operational by 2024 and will reflect the company's new corporate culture.



The new "Mango Campus" has a total area of 93,400 sqm and will be an "engine of transformation and evolution for the organisation, in line with our corporate culture", the fashion company reports in a press release.


The project involves a total investment of 42 million euros, half of which has already been spent on renovating parts of the existing buildings on the site. The remainder of the funds will finance the construction of 20,000 sqm of new office space, which is due to start at the end of this year. By 2024, the Mango Campus should be fully operational.


"We want to promote a new way of working, where the focus on customer orientation is to guide all our decisions and initiatives," says CEO Toni Ruiz. "We are determined to build a corporate culture by letting our employees take initiatives that will then become the main levers of change in the company."