Louis Vuitton opens 3D printed pop-up store

Louis Vuitton opens 3D printed pop-up store

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton opened a remarkable pop-up store in Australia. At first, it seems similar to every other pop-up store, but the Sydney-based store was created entirely by a 3D printer.

18 days of printing

For its store in the Westfield Shopping Center in Sydney, Louis Vuitton collaborated with Omus, a company that created 3D printed objects. The entire 90 sqm store took 18 days to print.


Adhesive vinyl was then added to the parts, including Louis Vuitton branded visibility - like its logo. The store has several items for sale from its 2017 spring and summer collections.


It is the first time that Louis Vuitton has a pop-up store in Australia, although it has been present in the country with several stores (in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney) for a while now.