Komono wants to reach 10 physical stores this year

Komono wants to reach 10 physical stores this year

Belgian accessory label Komono wants to double its number of physical stores to ten this year. “The stores are important to tell our story”, Anton Janssens and Raf Maes told De Standaard.


Present in more than 50 countries

Things are moving fast for Komono, ‘Belgian fashion entrepreneurs of the year” Anton Janssens and Raf Maes’ company. Both started with glasses in 2009 and added watches to their product range later on. The brand is currently on sale in more than fifty countries and generated a 16 million euro turnover in 2016.


It opened a web shop last year and its first store (in Antwerp). It currently has five stores (Brussels, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Madrid followed Antwerp). “We manage our Dutch and Belgian flagship stores, but the others are managed by a local partner”, Janssens said. “The shops are incredibly important to tell our bigger store and to display the brand in all of its glory. We want to offer the entire Komono experience.”


The duo wants to open stores in Barcelona, Paris, London, Stockholm and Berlin this year. “We are also creating a hub in Hong Kong. We currently serviced the Asian market from Belgium, but we will be able to track the region better soon”, Janssens added.