H&M in talks over first store in Metaverse


(update) H&M is in talks with Indian metaverse platform Ceek to open its first shop in the virtual world. At this virtual store, customers could get inspired and purchase digital products.


Ceek City

H&M has opened a store in the virtual world (metaverse) of Ceek, various media reported earlier this week. But that proved to be premature: the Indian platform Ceek is currently in talks with the Swedish fashion giant, no decision has yet been made. Ceek, which specializes in VR and AR applications, did however already develop a proof of concept, FashionUnited corrects.

The H&M store would be located in 'Ceek City', where customers can also visit other stores, concerts and sports events. Moreover, the digital collection in the store should not only inspire customers but will also be available for purchase. Payment can be made using Ceek-coin, reports Lifestyle Asia.


Recently, several major fashion brands, including Zara and Nike, have already ventured into the metaverse. The sportswear company also acquired RTFKT Studios, a company developing digital shoes, among other things.