H&M continues to improve working conditions in supply chain

H&M continues to improve working conditions in supply chain

Swedish fashion concern H&M released a statement saying it is still working side-by-side with labour unions to improve working conditions at its suppliers. The company decided to react after a report uncovered some horrific circumstances in India and Cambodia.

“H&M does not follow through”

The Asia Floor Wage Alliance (AFWA)'s report shows that there are still issues with Indian and Cambodian textile factories. According to the report, workers in Delhi and Phnom Penh still face numerous problems: low wages, fixed-term contracts, forced overtime and loss of job in case of pregnancy.


Subsequently, AFWA blamed H&M of failing to follow through on its commitments. After the Rana Plaza disaster, H&M promised to clean up its supply chain.


The company points out it is still working to improve the situation, but that it cannot do that on its own. "The issues addressed in the report are industry wide problems. They are often difficult to address as an individual company and we firmly believe that collaboration is key", a spokesperson told Inside Retail.