Diesel opens very own counterfeit store

Diesel opens very own counterfeit store

Italian fashion brand Diesel has found a playful way to combat counterfeit brands. It opened a boutique in New York that sells “counterfeit” clothing called Deisel.


Go with the Flaw

New York’s Chinatown district, known for its many counterfeit items, is the place where Diesel placed its stall. Its Deisel clothing was sold at lower prices. The pop-up, which will stay until 12 February, is part of Diesel’s Go with the Flaw campaign. That campaign wants to make people aware that tiny flaws should be considered unique qualities instead of a problem.


On the day the stall shuts down, Diesel will also reopen its New York store. In that regard, Deisel products are a nice stunt to draw attention. From 13 February onward, Deisel products will also be sold on Diesel’s web shop.