Decent fourth quarter growth for Urban Outfitters

Decent fourth quarter growth for Urban Outfitters

Following positive third quarter signs, Urban Outfitters has also presented decent fourth quarter growth. For its full fiscal year, the company took just a small step forward.


Growth for all chains

Urban Outfitters’ fourth quarter turnover grew 5.9 % to 1.09 billion dollars (890 million euro), which was a 4 % growth like-for-like. The bulk came from affiliate chain Free People, with an 8 % like-for-like turnover growth. Anthropologie posted a 5 % like-for-like turnover growth and Urban Outfitters followed suit with 2 %.


For its full fiscal year, Urban Outfitters’ turnover reached 3.62 billion dollars (almost 3 billion euro), up 2 % compared to the year before. The like-for-like retail turnover remained stable, but wholesale turnover grew 9.5 %.


Luckily for Urban Outfitters, a year that started out negatively has ended on a positive note. In the first half of 2017, its turnover dropped, but it managed to grow again in the third quarter. It will reveal its full-year results on 6 March.