Chanel CEO resigns

Chanel CEO resigns

Maureen Chiquet, Chanel CEO, has decided to leave the company by the end of the month. A difference of opinion, about the French fashion label's strategy, is apparently the reason for her resignation.

Co-owner takes over

Maureen Chiquet was not just some casual passerby at Channel, as she was the famous fashion label's head for nine years. Her achievements include the international expansion of the brand the issue is also responsible for the creation of the channel Foundation.


President and co-owner Alan Wertheimer will assume her position for the time being. It is not clear whether the fashion label will look for another solution, which means that Wertheimer may become its new CEO.


American Chiquet started her career at L'Oréal and also worked for fashion group The Gap from 1988 until 2003. The fashion industry reacted with surprise to her transfer to Chanel and rise to the position of CEO. For the time being, there is no additional information about a future new position for Chiquet.