CEO Vente-Exclusive to boost JBC online sales

Foto: JBC

Belgian fashion chain JBC has added Vente-Exclusive CEO Peter Grypdonck to its board of directors. He has to help the chain and (and its sibling Mayerline) to boost online sales.


Experienced in e-commerce

Grypdonck has raised his company, famous for flash sales of fashion collections' overstock, to a 170-million-euro turnover profitable company. JBC now hopes to learn from his experience, as the fashion chain's owner saw its turnover nosedive to 221 million euros and the losses rise to 19 million. Bart Claes, CEO of the Claes Retail Group that owns both JBC and Mayerline, welcomes the expertise Grypdonck has: "We can use his digital knowledge in our quest to raise our online sales."


Grypdonck's appointment was announced together with that of Conny Vandendriessche, an HR specialist who founded Accent Interim and expanded it into the international 'House of HR', even though both specialists were already added to the board of directors last summer. The company chose the release of positive preliminary results to do so, but refused to give precise figures as the company's current fiscal year only ends in January.