Camaïeu launches "yo-yo warranty": exchange your jeans if you lose weight


French women's fashion chain Camaïeu is going to allow its customers to exchange their jeans if they have lost (or gained) too much weight to be comfortable in the pair they bought. The service will start next month.


One-year warranty

The principle of the so-called 'yo-yo guarantee' is simple: if a customer experiences a change in her shape, either by gaining or losing weight, she can exchange a pair of jeans for a smaller or bigger pair up to one year after purchase.


The retailer offers the service free of charge to members of its loyalty programme. If the model in question is no longer available, an equivalent pair of jeans in terms of fit is offered. All stores of the chain will provide the new service, Fashion Network writes.


Inclusive fashion

Camaïeu says it is doing its utmost to offer a more inclusive fashion range. With the new concept, the brand advocates "self-acceptance and body positivity."


Pairs of jeans returned by customers go into Camaïeu's second-hand circuit. If this is not possible, they go to the Vestali association, which promotes the education and integration of women, mainly through the collection and recycling of textiles.