Burberry wants to lure customers to Snapchat

Burberry wants to lure customers to Snapchat

British fashion brand Burberry will add a Snapcode to its products. a QR code that should lure customers to Snapchat and particularly to its own brand channel on Snapchat Discover.

Behind the scenes

Burberry is the very first brand to use Snapcode this way, focusing on the code in its newest ad campaign. Whenever consumers scan the code, they will find additional content on Burberry's Snapchat channel, like longer versions of the video or a look behind the scenes. Just like all other Snapchat content, the images will only be available on the platform for 24 hours.


It is not the first time Burberry has extensively used social media. Other examples are a Snapchat livestream fashion show that drew in an astonishing 100 million viewers. Recently, fans could watch a photoshoot live on Instagram and Burberry even showed them exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.


The close collaboration with Snapchat has resulted in a privileged position for Burberry inside the Snapchat app, where it is the only promoted brand around.