"Best year ever" for Danish shoe brand Ecco

"Best year ever" for Danish shoe brand Ecco

Ecco can look back on 2017 as its best financial year ever. The Danish shoe brand, known for its “follow the foot” philosophy, exceeded its own expectations thanks to an 8 % growth.


Best year ever

Ecco, which had to report waning profit numbers in 2016, managed to grow its turnover to 1.27 billion euro in 2017. A 183 million euro gross profit is equal to its performance in 2015 and seems to indicate that 2016 was a mere blip.


The Danish brand invested a lot again and that has paid off: the shoe division generated a 1.1 billion euro turnover in the past fiscal year, as accessories and leatherwear contributed 158 million euro.


Ecco’s annual report labeled 2017 as the company’s best financial year ever in its more than 50-year history. Danish shoe maker Karl Toosbuy founded the label, which is also on sale at shoe store chain Torfs.