Amazon launches tailored clothing

Influencer Caralyn Mirand promotes Made for You by Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Amazon offers its customers a new service, Made for You, where shoppers can customize T-shirts. Is this a new way to help buyers finding the perfect fit, or is it help Amazon to fish for customer data?


In search of the perfect fit

Amazon Fashion introduces a tailor-made clothing line in the United States: Made for You. Americans can put together T-shirts and have them made fully tailored to their bodies. Customers need to give their height, weight, body type and two pictures. Then, they can choose from different fabrics, colours and fits. Before ordering, customers can view the final result virtually on a 3D mannequin.


Made for You prices a T-shirt tailored to the customer's body at 25 dollars. Several influencers will help launch the service to the market, with the intention of solving common sizing issues when shopping online. Eventually, Amazon promises to extend the service to other products and styles.


For Amazon, who isn't known for doing things unstrategically, it may also - and perhaps above all - be a way to find out more about consumers' clothing choices and fits, hints TechCrunch. The e-commerce giant has been putting a lot of effort into its fashion department for a few years now, but has noticed the fashion industry is a difficult market. It is not unimaginable to speculate that Amazon will use the insights gained to further refine the range and fits of its many own 'private labels'.