16 % more turnover for Orchestra-Prémaman

16 % more turnover for Orchestra-Prémaman

Orchestra-Prémaman, the French group for baby and children's products, managed to boost its 2015 turnover 16.3 %. It finalized its Belgian restructuring plan and that plan clearly paid dividends. 

562.5 million euro turnover…

In its broken fiscal year (until 29 February), Orchestra-Prémaman managed a 562.5 million euro consolidated turnover, up 16.3 % compared to the year before and despite a difficult fourth quarter (after the Paris attacks and because of the warm weather).


Its expansion strategy is the main source of its growth, as 23 new stores and an additional 47,000 sqm of store space have helped a lot. Its larger stores (800 sqm) have also helped boost turnover as they offer the entire range of products, from birth lists to children's clothing. The French retailer currently has 93 of the so-called megastores, about a fifth of its total store network (553 stores).


…including 72.1 million from Belgium

France is still the company's largest market, with 63.9 % of group turnover. Its turnover also grew 8.8 % to 359.3 million euro.


Non-French turnover reached 203.2 million euro (+ 32.4 %), including 72.1 million euro from Belgium and Luxembourg where its store network has stabilized and has been completely restructured. Compared to the previous fiscal year, it managed a 75.8 % growth", the press release states. French Orchestra acquired Prémaman in 2012, Bébé 2000 in 2013 and Home-Market in 2014. After a thorough restructuring program, the company has 63 stores in Belgium and Luxembourg.


Over the past fiscal year, Orchestra-Prémaman opened web shops in Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Greece and its online turnover grew 7.1 %.