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Google opens pop-up store in New York

Google opens pop-up store in New York

Google is set to open a pop-up store in New York to sell its own hardware. The timing is no coincidence, as the company has just recently launched several new devices.

Possibly in other cities

Over the past few weeks, Google has launched new smartphones (Pixel and Pixel XL), its VR headset Daydream View, internet router Google Wifi and Google Home, a comparable device to Amazon Echo.


To familiarize the public with its new devices, Google will launch a pop-up store in Spring Street in New York. It is not the first time the company opened a brick-and-mortar store: it already had several shop-in-shops at major chains.


It is expected that Google may not only open this one pop-up store in New York, but stores in several other cities as well. The company had already expressed a desire to become a full-fledged hardware company and to achieve that, it will need to open physical stores. Its next pop-up store will open its doors on 20 October. 

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