Fnac-Darty introduces new board

Fnac-Darty introduces new board
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A little more than a year after Fnac and Darty merged and several months after CEO Alexandre Bompard suddenly moved to Carrefour, the French entertainment and electronics group Fnac-Darty introduced its new board.

Team with slight Fnac dominance

CEO Enrique Martinez, who succeeded Alexandre Bompard, announced his “dream team”, consisting of eight men and two women. They will have to enforce the strategic plan that will be revealed on 5 December. With five board members from Fnac (Elodie Perthuisot, Alexandre Viros, Olivier Theulle, Frédérique Giavarini and Marcos Ruao) and three from Darty (Benoît Jaubert, Vincent Gufflet and Charles-Henri de Maleissye), it seems Fnac will take the lead. Two recent additions, Eric Iooss and Jean Brieuc Le Tinier, will complete the team led by Enrique Martinez.


Remarkably, Fnac and Darty have not been given a separate director. Former Darty CEO, Benoît Jaubert, will serve as ‘Directeur Exploitation’ and oversee both chains. Analysts feel that is a prelude to a further integration of both chains, but Enrique Martinez talks about a “transversal development”. 



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