Worldwide tablet sales dwindle

Worldwide tablet sales dwindle

In 2015's last quarter, the worldwide tablets sales have dropped 13.7 %, which means that 65.9 million tablets were sold in total. For the entire year, 206.8 million tablets were sold. 

Apple is still the market leader

That is a 10.1% drop according to the IDC numbers and the only segment that did sell well was the tablet with an optional keyboard, like the Microsoft Surface which doubled its yearly sales to 8.1 million devices.


Consumers consider these particular tablets to be the perfect replacement for a laptop or PC, which means pricing is not that important. As a matter of fact, Microsoft is not the only one riding this trend as Apple is also in on it with its iPad Pro. 


Apple is still the largest tablet seller with a 24.5 % market share. Samsung, with 13.7 %, is second, while Amazon (5.2 %), Lenovo (3.2 %) and Huawei (2.2 %) are even further behind. Only Amazon and Huawei managed to sell more tablets in 2015 than the year before. Apple's sales even dropped nearly 25 % in the fourth quarter.