VR will give gaming market a huge boost in the next few years

VR will give gaming market a huge boost in the next few years

Trade organization Open Gaming Alliance estimates the total gaming market to be worth 100 billion dollars (90 billion euro) by 2019, mainly thanks to the rise of virtual reality.

VR and eSports

Pc gaming will become the market's most dominant force, with a 37 billion dollar (33 billion euro) turnover in 2019, up 35 % compared to the turnover in 2015. Hardware sales will be the driving force for that growth: particularly the success of virtual reality should help boost hardware sales, partially because of more expensive computers to use in tandem with the new technology. The surge of eSports (competitive gaming and its broadcasting options) should help increase sales.


The Open Game Alliance expects the pc gaming market to surpass 30 billion dollars (27 billion euro) for the first time this year. A large number of major software titles should release in the next 12 months and help boost hardware sales as well.