Saturn latest chain to adopt cashierless shopping


Europe's biggest electronics retailer MediaMarktSaturn has installed a self-checkout in its flagship store in Hamburg. Customers can now shop without passing by a cash register, if they so choose.


Successful test in Innsbruck

Saturn Smartpay operates on a system created by British startup MishiPay: a mobile self-checkout that allows customers to scan their purchases and pay with their smartphone. The system is said to work for over 100,000 products in their range.


The self-checkout was tested in a smaller store in Innsbruck: "The very positive response from customers to our first pilot projects in Innsbruck and Munich has encouraged us to offer mobile self-checkout across a large floorspace for the first time," says Chief Innovation Officer Martin Wild. "Our customers in Hamburg will thus benefit from an even better shopping experience and an additional innovative payment option when doing their Christmas shopping."


The pilot project will be running at least until the end of February. Afterwards, the group will decide whether and when cashierless shopping will be added as an additional checkout option in other stores as well.


Long queues cost billions

Cashierless shopping is one of the ways retailers worldwide are looking to elevate the customer's experience and shopping comfort. According to a recent study by Adyen, retailers in Europe lost out on 34 billion euros because customers were tired of long queues and left the shop without buying anything.


"We are very excited to continue working with MediaMarktSaturn bringing MishiPay's scan, pay and leave technology to Saturn Hamburg - the largest consumer electronics store in Europe," says Mustafa Khanwala, CEO and co-founder of MishiPay. "As MishiPay continues to grow, this is the next step in our mission to bring the best of the online checkout experience to physical stores in order to make the shopping experience even more convenient for customers."