Samsung generates more revenue from iPhone X than from Galaxy S8

Samsung generates more revenue from iPhone X than from Galaxy S8

Samsung generates more revenue from iPhone X than from Galaxy S8

It is no secret that Apple is using its arch rival Samsung for screens and chips, but it is remarkable to hear that Samsung will earn (a lot) more from the iPhone X than from its own Galaxy S8.

3.5 billion euro extra

Market research firm Counterpoint Research calculated the costs for American business paper The Wall Street Journal and it forecasts Apple to sell about 130 million devices. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 should “only” exchange hands about 50 million times.


Apparently, Samsung will get 110 dollars for every iPhone X it manufactures and Counterpoint’s forecast says that would lead to 14.3 billion dollars (12.1 billion euro) in revenue. Samsung would also earn 10.1 billion dollars (8.6 billion euro) from its own Galaxy S8. In short: the South Korean company will earn 3.5 billion euro more from its competitor’s device than from its own.

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