Redcoon Benelux has now officially closed

Redcoon Benelux has now officially closed

Redcoon has closed most of its web shops on Friday, including those in Belgium and the Netherlands. Customers can no longer order from the site or request a repair.

Repairs at Media Markt

Earlier this month, Media-Saturn announced it would shut down Redcoon in several countries. Alongside the Benelux area, the web shop will no longer be present in Austria, Portugal and Spain. The German and Polish web shops survived the cut.


Until the end of the month, Redcoon will handle all repairs in the Netherlands and Belgium, but afterwards, Media Markt's Dtch online division will take over. Any purchase made prior to 5 October still has the standard 30-days cooling off period, but any purchase made after that day will have a reduced cooling off period of only 14 days, coinciding with Media Markt's policy.


The decision to shut down Redcoon is part of Media Markt's new strategy, to focus more on online activities itself, leaving no more room for Redcoon.