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Media Markt unifies its online and offline pricing

Media Markt unifies its online and offline pricing

Ceconomy will create uniformity between Media Markt and Saturn’s online and offline pricing. This will be possible thanks to the digital price tags it now uses in the stores, because there can be altered in real-time.


Online growth

The store’s price tags will not only be used to keep the online and offline pricing identical, but according to German Lebensmittel Zeitung, customers will also be able to scan them for additional product information


Ceconomy has always said it wanted to better integrate its online and offline shopping experiences and it is no surprise its growth last year mainly came from its online channels. For its current fiscal year’s first quarter, Ceconomy’s turnover grew 0.6 %, but its online turnover spiked 12 % to 814 million euro. Media Markt and Saturn even achieved a 22 % online turnover surge. The company currently generates 12 % of its turnover from its online channels. 

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