Leapp feverishly continues its expansion plans

Leapp feverishly continues its expansion plans

Leapp, which sells refurbished Apple products, aims to open another 4 stores in the current quarter and a whole range of additional stores later this year. This will continue the offline expansion at a rapid pace for a company that started as an online retailer.

“More turnover”

Leapp will open a store in Apeldoorn in March, adding stores in Amersfoort and Tilburg soon after. Later this year, it also has stores planned in Belgium, Germany and several others in the Netherlands.


“A new physical store does not only bring in more turnover, but also brings in a significant upturn in online turnover for the area surrounding the store", CEO Rogier van Camp told Emerce. 


Leapp, founded in 2011 as an online retailer, opened its first Dutch physical store within a year after the launch. Since last year, the chain is also present in Belgium and Germany, with Leapp intent on expansion in these three markets.