Darty Group performs well, BCC still onerous

Darty Group performs well, BCC still onerous

Darty Group's financial report shows that the company had a decent fiscal year, with growth for its (like-for-like) turnover and profit, although its Dutch subsidiary (electronics chain BCC) had a fourth straight onerous year.

BCC lags behind

Darty's total turnover grew 4.1 % to 3.66 billion euro in the past fiscal year, while its like-for-like turnover grew 3.9 % and its profit even grew 25 % to 93.1 million euro. Alan Parker, chairman of the board, says: "Today we are reporting a strong set of results which represents the culmination of the Nouvelle Confiance strategy the Board set out in 2012 to restore shareholder value. Darty is now in a significantly stronger position than before and can look forward to the future with confidence", he said, on the back of Fnac's acquisition of the company.


Belgian Vanden Borre, one of Darty's chains, also performed well, although its profit dropped. It managed a 705.5 million euro turnover, which is an improvement over the year before. Online turnover grew 13 % and now represents 14 % of total turnover. However, not every store chain performed as well.


BCC, Darty's Dutch chain, saw its losses grow to 9.1 million euro last year, its fourth consecutive onerous year.  The implementation of a new logistics system failed, leaving many customers with delayed orders and the company with subsequent losses of over three million euro..