Darty expects major full-year profit increase

Darty expects major full-year profit increase

At the publication of French Darty's quarterly results, its CEO Regis Schultz said he expects a major full-year profit increase compared to the year before.

Online contributes more

Today, Darty announced its fourth quarter turnover grew 13 %, while like-for-like turnover also grew 12 %. French like-for-like turnover even grew 16 %, while Belgian experienced a fourth straight quarter of like-for-like turnover growth.


Online sales were also boosted 14.4 % and already take up 16 % of the group's total turnover. France's switch to digital tv, as the analog channel disappeared completely in April, also helped Darty, with increased set-top box, HDMI cables and television sales.


Schultz expects a sizeable profit increase for its full fiscal year because of these positive numbers. He added Darty's board is currently examining Fnac's take-over bid, after a lengthy struggle with South African Steinhoff, although the latter recently pulled out of the race to acquire Darty.