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Carrefour and Fnac Darty consider purchase alliance

Carrefour and Fnac Darty consider purchase alliance

Supermarket firm Carrefour and electronics seller Fnac Darty are considering an alliance for their electronics acquisitions. The combination could lower purchase prices.

Lower prices

The deal could prove beneficial to Fnac Darty, because it would apply to its entire product range. It would also impact a part of Carrefour’s product range, but its competition has already entered similar collaborations. That is why it also sees an alliance’s benefits.  


Bringing together both companies’ purchase power could result in lower prices from their suppliers and in turn that would increase profits.


Alexandre Bompard is undoubtedly key in the discussions. Currently, he occupies the CEO position at Carrefour, but previously led Fnac Darty. The collaboration could also lead to Fnac shop-in-shops at Carrefour.

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