Blokker adds household appliance specialist to Nextail

 Blokker adds household appliance specialist to Nextail

Blokker Holding’s online organization, Nextail, will enter a strategic collaboration with online household appliance specialist’s Dutch division.

Expand omnichannel strategy in household appliace category

Marketplace Nextail Connect, which Blokker launched last fall, will expand its household appliace category thanks to this collaboration. customers will now also be able to order’s 750 household appliance, including washing machines, dryers and refrigerators from brands like AEGBosch, LGSiemens and Whirlpool.


These categories in Blokker’s web shop will be expanded even further later on, because the chain hopes to strengthen its position in the household appliance market. Nextail has about 50,000 products and about 35 external sellers on Blokker’s web shop.

Antoine Brouwer, Managing Director Nextail: “Nextail has added household appliances to Blokker’s online product range, which will help it expand its position as an omnichannel household specialist even more.” Evert van Ginkel, Head of Trading  “This exclusive collaboration is a logical step in which both companies do what they do best. The wonderful combination of an omnichannel retailer, Blokker, with its physical and online stores and AO, an innovative online retailer, will help us speed up our Dutch journey.”


Online household appliance specialist, part of AO World, was founded in 2000 and has been listed in London since 2014. It sells thousands of household appliance online, on three websites and with about 2,500 employees in three countries. The company’s name and logo changed from Appliances Online to in 2013.



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