Amazon is world's second largest electronics retailer

Amazon is world's second largest electronics retailer

American Twice's Consumer Electronics Retailers Report says Amazon is currently the world's second largest consumer electronics retailer, surpassing Walmart.

Faster growth than its competition

Amazon only needs to look up to Best Buy in the newest ranking. Over the past year, Amazon generated 28.1 % more turnover in the consumer electronics division, bringing in 23.1 billion dollars (20.7 billion euro).


That growth is well above those of its closest competitors, as Walmart's turnover only grew 2.6 % to 22.2 billion dollars (19.9 billion euro) and Best Buy's turnover grew 3.8 % to 30.9 billion dollars (27.7 billion euro). If Amazon manages to keep up this growth pace, it will not take long before it acquires first place in the ranking. Only 10 years ago, Amazon ranked 18th.


Amazon is also growing much faster than the average 4.3 % growth every other Twice's top 100 ranked retailer is managing.