Amazon ditches Dash

Amazon begraaft Dash-knoppen definitief

At the end of this month, Amazon will terminate its Dash order buttons. Earlier this year, the American e-commerce giant had already stopped selling the buttons, but said then they would continue to work.



According to a spokesperson, the use of the order buttons had fallen sharply since the company announced in February that they would no longer be sold. Amazon has now announced that the buttons will stop working at the end of the month. However, the virtual order buttons that work via the Amazon app will remain active.


Amazon introduced the Dash buttons in 2015 in order to allow customer to make recurring purchases such as pet food, toilet paper, condoms or laundry products at the touch of a button. Via the built-in WiFi, the device immediately ordered the requested product from Amazon. However, this meant that the customer could not make any choice with regard to the brand or quantity of the order via the button: this only works for one predefined order.


In the meantime, the buttons have become completely obsolete: many devices (such as printers and washing machines) are nowadays equipped with technology that allows them to order ink or detergent themselves when needed. The increasing popularity of alternatives such as the voice-controlled Alexa further makes the order buttons completely unnecessary.