‘Schnäppcam’ lures customers back to the store

‘Schnäppcam’ lures customers back to the store

It seems a lost fight to compete with web shops, but not every retailer is simply throwing in the towel. A German household appliance seller has found an original way to entice customers.


Webcam shows best deals

German Walgenbach direkt mainly sells household appliances that were slightly damaged, from overstock or end-of-life product ranges. “These devices, that are only available for a short period of time, are not sold online, because it would be needlessly expensive”, its website states.


The washing machine and refrigerator seller has lost a lot of turnover to web shops, as many physical retailers have, but has now found a creative way to lure in customers. A webcam now focuses on the store’s most enticing discounts, often on single items that receive a temporary price cut. 


Someone on the lookout for a good deal, will then have to turn off the computer and head to the store to get the deal done. At least, that is what the owner believes will happen, but it is not clear whether this strategy is actually working. In any case, Walgenbach’s “Schnäppcam” is highly inventive.