Sephora reveals augmented reality mirror

Sephora reveals augmented reality mirror

Make-up retailer Sephora has developed a mirror that can put on make-up through augmented reality, so that customers can try make-up without having to put it on.

Save time and costs

A camera and ModiFace technology will help the mirror, which is actually a large monitor, scan the customer's face and after that, the customer can use eye shadow for example. Changing colour is done in an instant, without having to remove the previous layer of make-up and that should help save a lot of time according to Sephora.


The technology will also help Sephora as it limits the chance that a customer is dissatisfied with a purchase and its use also lowers costs as it will no longer have to supply make-up removal products or test material as everything is done virtually.


Expand if successful

Currently, the technology is only present in Sephora's Milan store, with eye shadow as its only feature, but if it is deemed successful, the company wants to expand it to other stores. Other types of make-up are also a possibility, but only if the pilot is successful.

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