Sephora flagship store on Champs Elysées open until 23h30

Sephora flagship store on Champs Elysées open until 23h30

Two years ago, a judge forced the Champs Elysées-based Sephora store to close its doors at 20h30, but the world's largest perfumery has changed its opening hours once more, until 23h30.

New law and deal with labour unions

The 1,900 sqm Sephora store on the most well-known street in Paris will now stay open until 23h30. The store of the LVMH subsidiary was very busy every single day up until 2 years ago, until a judge - prompted by labour unions - forced the store to close earlier. Ever since 9 October 2013, it closed its doors at 20h30.


Labour unions was forcing through changes surrounding work in the evening and on Sunday and that led to the changed closing times as they were deemed "unlawful" and "detrimental to the employee's private life". The government subsequently ordered a major study, which resulted in new legislation, the so-called "loi Macron". If certain conditions are met, work at evening and on Sunday is now lawful. For example, the work has to be voluntary, employees have to be paid a sizeable financial fee and they have to agree, by ways of a referendum, with the board's proposal.


Late-night openings are a blessing for Sephora as its flagship store realized more than 20 % of its daily turnover after 21h. Employees who work during these late hours or in the weekend will be paid double. The proposal was approved in October, with a 91 % majority.