Gillette launches shaving subscription

Gillette launches shaving subscription

Razor blade brand Gillette has launched the Gillette Shave Club, a subscription service that will home-deliver razor blades at fixed times. The Netherlands will be the first European country to enjoy the service.

Adjusted to shaving habits

The Gillette subscription can be adjusted to the customer's shaving habits. If one shaves more frequently, then new razors will be home-delivered (for free) more often.


"With the Gillette Shave Club, we will bring "the best a man can get" to life. The club is the result of the increased demand for razor blade subscriptions among our most loyal fans. The Gillette Shave Club will present our customers with their favourite Gillette razor blades, delivered right at their door step when they need it", Charlie Pierce (group president Gillette global grooming) said.


A Gillette subscription starts at 2,44 per razor blade and the company says blades are up to 15 % cheaper than in stores.