Cavalli uses game to promote new perfume

Cavalli uses game to promote new perfume

Cavalli has tried to promote its newest perfume in quite an original way, because “Just a Bite” as the perfume is called, has been linked to a Facebook game and a mobile app.

1.2 million views on social media

To promote the new Cavalli perfume fragrance, a campaign was created about the search for a mysterious man / woman you had met the previous night at a New York party, but to get to the solution to the mystery, one had to find clues in the mobile app and on Facebook.

Some 100,000 consumers from 10 countries participated in the campaign, helping the brand to 1.2 million views on social media, like timeline messages on the wall of the player’s friends. On average, the players were active for more than three minutes, which has definitely helped to imprint the brand more than an average fashion magazine ad would do. It all depends on which target group the perfume producers were gunning for…

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Unilever interested in Estée Lauder


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