Beiersdorf's 2020 sustainability goal already surpassed

Beiersdorf's 2020 sustainability goal already surpassed

When German cosmetics firm Beiersdorf launched its "We care" strategy three years ago, the goal was to lower its CO2 emissions by 30 % by 2020. The Nivea manufacturer has easily surpassed that goal already, having cut back CO2 emissions by 48 %.

Nivea works on the 3 P's

Beiersdorf has just released its Sustainability Review 2014, which shows the strides it has taken since the start of the campaign. "We have managed to lower our CO2 emissions per product sold by 48 %, which means we have already beaten our Planet promise for 2020 by 18 %", a proud vice-president Inken Hollmann-Peters said. "This success is thanks to the motivated engagement of all our employees across all our stores worldwide."


With the Planet goal of the "We Care" strategy reached, Beiersdorf will now focus on the two other P's of that program: Product and People. The company wants to lower its impact on the environment by submitting its products to a "Life Cycle Assessment". That way, it hopes that its products with a lower impact on the environment can become a bigger part of its yearly turnover. Now, these products generate 12 % of total turnover, but Beiersdorf wants to reach at least 50 % by 2020.


Last but not least, the group wants to improve the lives of one million families by 2020, something it has already done for 245,000 families since 2013 - according to its own numbers. "Our business revolves around taking care of consumers and their families. By adding a social platform to our products, geared towards these families, we can stay faithful to the authentic values of our brand", Hollmann-Peters said.

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