Intratuin has new CEO

Intratuin has new CEO

Garden chain Intratuin has appointed Peter Paul Kleinbussink as its new CEO, the successor to Henk Sterk. From 1 December 2014, he will start work.

Worked for Ranzijn tuin & dier


At the moment, a 2-man team has led Intratuin, but from 1 December, one man will lead the company. Kleinbussink will take charge of day-to-day business.


He had been Ranzijn tuin & dier's CEO from 2010 and prior to that, he was Life & Garden's CEO, a company he helped found. He has already been with Intratuin, in several different positions.


The company has 59 stores, all franchise stores, 5 of them in Belgium. It will lose three Dutch stores to Praxis, which will launch a new formula called Praxis Tuincentrum, soon. The three stores will be converted in the first part of 2015.