Increasing number of wood products have FSC certificate

Increasing number of wood products have FSC certificate

A Forest Stewardship Council inquiry into the Belgian DIY chains has shown that an increasing number of wood products carry the organization's certificate, which denotes the use of sustainable wood cutting practices.

Tropical hardwood still needs work

FSC Belgium looked at several chains (Brico, Gamma and Hubo) and noticed that an increasing number of products have been certified over the past few years, with FSC's label increasingly present.


The label was first introduced in the garden furniture collection, but other garden wood products and product ranges like construction wood now also carry the certificate.


There is still work that needs to be done, because particularly tropical hardwood barely has any reference to its origin. "It will not always be that easy to choose the FSC label in the highly competitive DIY market, particularly when it comes to tropical hardwood, because of availability or price", Bart Holvoet recognizes. FSC Belgium's general manager still feels "that if the entire sector would pay attention to this particular matter, it would be realistic to expect quick improvements".