Hornbach Group grows despite slow start

Hornbach Group grows despite slow start

After a slow start to the new fiscal year, Hornbach Group has ended 2013/2014 with a 4.3 % growth, with mainly the German market as a strong driver.

Largest growth in home market

German Hornbach Group has managed to increase its turnover 4.3 % to 3.37 billion euro, while its subsidiary Hornbach-Baumarkt doing slightly better in its 141 DIY stores across 9 European countries: it managed a 4.4 % increase to 3.15 billion euro. The 92 German stores contributed the most to that increase, with a 5 % increase to 1.83 billion euro in Hornbach's home territory.


On a like-for-like basis, the German growth was 4.9 %, while its market share there grew from 9.3 to 10 %. "We generated substantial growth in the past year, and that despite the negative sector trend", Albrecht Hornbach, chairman of the board, said.


Excellent weather conditions at the end of the year helped Hornbach Baustoff to present decent results, as building sites had to shut down during the winter. That part of the company managed a 4.1 % turnover growth, to 216 million euro.


Foreign part in group turnover drops

The turnover growth in other European countries of 3.5 %, to 1.33 billion euro, was not enough to maintain its share in the total group turnover. The German performance pushed back the foreign share to 42 %, while it used to be 42.4 %.


Hornbach Group will presents its full-year results on 27 May 2014.