Belgian paint web shop expands into France

Belgian paint web shop expands into France
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An expansion into Wallonia and France beckons for Belgian paint web shop and its new counterpart Moreover, the company is looking for a new financial partner to help with this move.


New French web shop

The company from Stekene (East-Flanders) claims to be the biggest paint web shop in Belgium and now wants to emulate that succes with a dedicated web shop for the French-speaking markets of Wallonia and France itself. "It's our ambition to keep growing. We're familiar with the Flemish market now, so we are turning our attention to the French-speaking customer now. We want to provide them too with quality paints and accessories", CEO Pieter De Witte told local news website Made In Oost-Vlaanderen.


The web shop hopes to achieve better results in France than it does in the Netherlands: "Our efforts in the Netherlands have not been rewarded so far, unfortunately. We still have a long way to go", says De Witte. To help realise that growth, is now looking for a financial partner with experience in e-commerce. "Currently we are developing these ideas, and we hope to finish this process in a couple of months' time".