3D printers for sale at Home Depot

3D printers for sale at Home Depot

American DIY chain Home Depot has signed a deal with MakerBot, a 3D printer manufacturer, to start selling the devices in a number of its stores, while personnel will get dedicated training.

"Ideal for DIY'ers"

MakerBot's Replicator collection will go on sale at Home Depot, albeit only in 12 stores in California, Illinois and New York for the time being. Customers can also acquire a 3D printer from Home Depot's website.


Specially trained personnel will assist customers with any questions they may have about 3D printers, while customers can get a souvenir (like an adjustable wrench) printed with a 3D printer to see the result first-hand. Demo pods will be provided to allow customers to scan their own products, which can then be printed.


"Home Depot customers are DIY'ers, gardeners, tradesmen, professionals and families -- they are also a great community that likes to create and build things, which goes very well with 3D printing", MakerBot spokesperson Jenifer Howard explained the collaboration to CBS.