Sephora launches smaller store formula

Sephora launches smaller store formula

Cosmetics manufacturer Sephora launched a smaller store formula in the United States. Up until now, it had focused on large stores, but has now turned its attention to smaller stores.

Fifty percent smaller than traditional store

The first Sephora Studio opened in Boston and the goal is to expand across the United States. The 185 sqm store is a lot smaller than an average 500 sqm Sephora store.


Plenty of digital focal points have been added to the new formula and the personal customer experience has been given a lot more attention. Customers can place online orders at the store and then pick them up as well. Employees will walk around with a mobile device to advise customers even faster, which is necessary because its product range is much smaller than at a traditional Sephora store.


Tap into trends

Sephora Studio will also offer all types of one-on-one services, with Sephora’s best-educated employees to help customers. Custom Makeover Plus is one of the new services, which is a 75-minute makeover with all the required information about skin care.


The company aims to tap into the growing number of consumers that are not that interested in major shopping centers and that prefer to shop locally. However, seeing how those local areas usually do not have the room to open large stores, Sephora decided to come up with a smaller store formula.