Sephora adds augmented reality to app

Sephora adds augmented reality to app

Make up manufacturer Sephora has expanded its app with a new augmented reality-based feature, which gives users a chance to immediately see how a certain make-up colour looks on their face.

Right decision

Customers can use the Sephora Virtual Artist app, which uses the front-facing smartphone camera to display a certain colour of lip gloss on their face. Customers can also move the camera, without the make-up shifting to other parts of the face.


Sephora feels this new feature is more than just a gimmick: the company feels the Virtual Artist can help make the right decision when a customer is faced with several colours. In the first 8 weeks following Virtual Artist's launch, the app had been used 45 million times by 1.6 million users.


Sephora is not the only brand with this type of aid to help boost sales: L'Oréal already launched the MakeupGenius app, which also allows users to try out different types of make-up.