P&G receives wrist slap because of YouTube channel

P&G receives wrist slap because of YouTube channel

American Procter & Gamble will have to make it clearer for consumers to see that the "Beauty Recommended" YouTube channel is its own property and that it controls the content that is posted on the channel.

Not enough information

A blogger had complained after he felt that the channel provided insufficient information on the channel and that has now led to the request. Videos on the YouTube channel use Procter & Gamble products and link to P&G's page on the SuperSavvyMe web shop.


P&G clarified it did make it clear enough that the channel is a marketing tool, but the British authorities did not agree. They feel there should be a clear mention that Procter & Gamble creates the content and the company should explain the actual nature of the content.


The company now had to adapt its videos to reflect that information and will have to comply with British authorities' regulations in the future as well.