Nice profit increase for Henkel

Nice profit increase for Henkel

German laundry detergent manufacturer Henkel has announced increased profits compared to the year before, mostly thanks to strong sales in emerging markets.

Comparable turnover growth

In its previous fiscal year, Henk managed a 16.43 billion euro turnover, up from 16.36 billion euro the year before, which was (+ 3.4 % like-for-like). Its best performer was the Laundry & Home Care division, with a 4.6 % like-for-like turnover growth. Total turnover grew 1 % to 4.63 billion euro.


The Beauty Care division managed a 1 % turnover increase, up to 3.55 billion euro, which is a 2 % like-for-like turnover increase. Adhesive Technologies reached a 8.13 billion euro turnover, which is only a slight increase compared to the year before, although its like-for-like turnover increase is 3.7 %.


Henkel's North American division experienced negative growth, as its turnover dropped 1.5 % because of strong competition. Exchange rates also affected its turnover growth in several other markets, despite a good like-for-like turnover growth. The company's net profit grew from 1.59 billion euro to 1.63 billion euro.


For 2015, Henkel expects a 3 - 5 % like-for-like turnover growth although its Eastern European turnover is expected to remain flat because of the continued tension between Russia and Ukraine.