Nestlé and Unilever surf health hype with acquisitions

Swiss food giant Nestlé is in talks to acquire American vitamin producer The Bountiful Company, rival Unilever does the same with supplement producer Onnit.


Officially confirmed

After rumours had previously appeared in the press, Nestlé confirmed today in a brief press release that it trying to take over The Bountiful Company partly or wholly. No further details were provided, French newspaper Le Figaro reports. The American vitamin producer, until recently called The Nature's Bounty, markets vitamins, minerals and other food supplements and has more than 4,000 employees.


Nestlé has recently made several acquisitions in the consumer health sector. Last year, the group acquired Zenpep, a drug for digestive disorders. The Swiss group also took a majority stake in the American Vital Proteins, and completed the purchase of Aimmune Therapeutics, owner of a treatment for peanut allergies.


Unilever was quick to respond to Nestlé's venture into vitamins: the British company is now trying to acquire Onnit, an American producer of supplements like Shroom Tech, Stron Bone and Alpha Brain. Its founder, fitness guru Aubrey Marcus, will remain brand ambassador even after the acquisition is completed, Unilever told Reuters.