Lush will no longer be using eggs

Lush will no longer be using eggs

Cosmetics brand Lush will no longer be using eggs in the production of facial masks and hair care products. The way eggs are produced causes too much animal suffering according to the company.


'Eggs are gruesome'

Lush has always distinguished itself by creating care products in the most animal-friendly way possible. The company has therefore decided to stop using eggs in its products because "the production of eggs entails a harsh reality", referring to chickens in battery cages and roosters who are immediately killed because they are superfluous.

So far, eggs were used in facial masks and hair products by Lush. The eggs will now be replaced by tofu, soy yoghurt, gluten or aquafaba, a protein substitute based on chickpeas.

This marks another big name joining the trend towards more vegan products: in the beginning of the week, German FMCG giant Henkel took a step in the same direction. In his predictions for the new year, RetailDetail's chief editor Stefan Van Rompaey already referred to veganism as the number one trend of 2019, roused by huge companies such as Unilever, Nestlé and Marks & Spencer.